CBD & Anxiety

cbd anxiety

Cannabidiol is commonly known as CBD. It is an oil from cannabis which has been linked to numerous, positive results in treating anxiety. Scientists from all over the world have confirmed its benefits.


What is anxiety and what are the symptoms

In plain English, anxiety is fear of the threat that will come in the future. It is completely opposite than actual fear which is a response to an actual threat! Millions of people suffer from this disorder. Furthermore, the number of affected individuals has been increasing every year for the last 20 years!

CBD oil will help you treat some or all of the symptoms mentioned below. Despite the fact there are several types of anxiety, almost all of them have the same recurrent symptoms.


Elevated heart rate



Issues sleeping

Nervous behavior

Inability to stay calm

Dry mouth

There is no specific age when anxiety will occur, but it is very common among teenagers and adults although seniors are less likely to develop anxiety.


CBD for anxiety: How it actually works

Animals were used to test CBD oil at first and after promising results, scientists tested it on humans. Today we still don’t know everything about CBD but constant progress is being made as we speak. (Just to add animals didn’t develop any side effects from the CBD oil)

CBD oil acts with the 5-HT1A. In essence, medications like Zoloft have the same properties on these receptors. Keep in mind that Zoloft is just one of serotonin reuptake inhibitors which are more commonly known as SSRIs. You may know them simply as antidepressants.

What they do is reduce the serotonin absorption in the brain, meaning that it will stay present for a longer period of time in the receptors and synapsis. This improves the mood and makes a person feel better.CBD oil has been mostly used as a substitute for antidepressants. While they have numerous side effects, CBD oil doesn’t.

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CBD can treat depression as well

Due to the fact, depression is commonly associated with anxiety as well, It has been determined by scientists that CBD oil also treats this condition. First and foremost, depression is a negative feeling (feeling down) which last more than 2 weeks.


Symptoms of depression include:

Sleeping too much or insomnia

Eating too much or refusing to eat

Suicidal thoughts

Loss of sexual desire


Feeling hopeless

There are dozens of other symptoms related to depression. It should be mentioned that the main symptom and the one which suggests you need an intervention is suicidal thoughts as it is linked to the highest stage of the condition.

We already mentioned that CBD for anxiety is more than just useful. As these two conditions are connected, almost the entire positive effect of the CBD oil will be transferred to depression as well. Basically you will get the same treatment as you get from antidepressants which are commonly prescribed for depression.