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Benefits Of CBD For Dogs


CBD is not only proving to be very effective in the human race. but CBD for dogs cats and other pets is also showing off great results too! Don’t worry the CBD oil that is currently being used for human consumption is the same as for animals. Your dog will not get high or act out of character when given CBD oil. Although you may notice it is more relaxed than usual. This can be really useful if you have a hyper-active or over-vigilant pet.



Separation Anxiety Gone!

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, then you will find that CBD for dogs will really make a difference. CBD oil is known to reduce anxiety in humans. This means your pet can reap the benefits too. This is not only good for you, as you will be able to leave your dog knowing they will not be fretting and pining until you return. Your dog will also feel much happier in their environment too.


Tumour and Cancer Reversal?

Although it may sound too good to be true, there is at least one case where a dog had a mammary tumour and metastasis that completely disappeared after being treated with CBD for dogs.



Old Age And Arthritis

As with humans, as a pet ages, it can develop a whole range of illnesses. Certain dog breeds are renowned for developing severe arthritis. Dogs in particular need a lot of exercise and if this is reduced due to the impact of the pain of arthritis. It can put on weight and develop other conditions. Treatment with CBD oil may not completely reverse the effects of arthritis. However it will definitely increase your pet’s mobility, appetite and vigour.



How To Give Your Dog CBD Oil

There are a lot of products emerging onto the market containing CBD for dogs. However, to be sure you are giving your pet the best you should try to buy an organic CBD oil or tincture. This means you can be sure it is free from other additives or insecticides. In addition, you can add the CBD oil to your pet’s food, treats, etc, yourself, ensuring you always know how much your pet is taking. This gives you complete control over the dosage, allowing you to assess the full benefits for yourself.

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