Give The Gift Of Better Health This Christmas With Paradise CBD

The best gifts for CBD lovers. 


CBD products as gifts are a fantastic way to show you care this Christmas. By introducing your nearest and dearest to the incredible benefits of cannabidiol, you could help change their life for the better.


We have put together this gift buying guide to ensure you are getting the right products to suit the recipient, so you can be confident when buying from us, that you will be giving the best gifts to those who deserve it the most.


CBD Balm

A fantastic all round, easily absorbed and colour free cream for a variety of pain related, and skin related problems. 

High quality, high CBD content, pure CBD blended with beeswax and coconut oil, and scented with lavender. 

This is an ideal gift for anyone with any ailment. It can be used to relieve pain, soothe achy joints and relax muscles.  This is also great for calming pets down. Just rub a bit on the paw area and they lick it off. It is especially good for dogs during this time of firework displays.  

The 30ml tub is an ideal size for a stocking filler.

cbd creams

CBD Chocolate

Our luxury chocolate is a tasty and fun way to take your daily CBD, or just as a treat!.  

Our CBD chocolate bars are every bit as unique and delicious as they sound. A well-balanced white chocolate with a vanilla flavour and a note of cooked milk. It reminds me of Milky Bars in flavour.  A balanced dark chocolate with a mild bitterness and a fresh fruity note. The perfect balance between sweet, milky and cocoa taste. Not forgetting our signature milk chocolate of course.

With 3 tasty flavours to choose from, a powerful CBD punch and a host of health benefits on offer, these CBD-infused chocolate bars will lift you up and keep you going even during the busiest days – all by the power of nature. 

The bars make ideal stocking filler gifts, or wrapped together as one large gift. 


CBD Tea and Coffee

Another awesome stocking stuffer of organic goodness. 

The coffee is a blend of delicious, soluble instant coffee made from Costa Rican coffee beans & 100mg of our pure CBD, conveniently packed in a drawstring bag for a rich smooth coffee. Suitable for vegetarians.  

The tea is a blend of delicious breakfast tea and pure cbd, also packed into a drawstring bag, the perfect way to start your day, or to accompany your favourite oil or edible! 

The tea and coffee, combined with the chocolates make for a lovely wrapped present, or in the stockings, or, if like me, a pillow case at the end of the bed, in hope of more gifts!   

I have drunk many a Paradise tea and coffee and must say they are the tastiest and easiest way to give your body CBD.  

cbd brew

CBD Bath Bombs and Soaps

Everyone loves getting smellies for a gift, and our skincare items will please everyone! 

We have bath bomb sets and soaps. The CBD used to prepare the soap is renowned for high contents of essential fatty acids, such as omega 3, 6 and 9. These essential oils have excellent dermatological benefits. The essential fatty acids from the soap and bombs coat the skin, hence keeping it soft and smooth. Plus, they smell lovely.  

Our Signature CBD Infused Bath Bombs are available in relaxing lavender, or refreshing mango and coconut.

 Or try our CBD Natural Organic Soap Bar and Exfoliating Soap Bars.

Our CBD soap bar is the perfect way to start, or end your day. With enriching and beneficial Pure CBD, offering pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and great benefits to your skin. You will never need another soap again! (It smells amazing too!) 


 CBD Oils

What better way to give the gift of CBD than the oil itself. Our premium CBD oils are made in the UK using only the finest quality natural CBD and hemp oil for a powerful and lasting effect. Great on their own or wrapped along with other CBD goodies for a large present under the tree.  

Our oils can be taken orally or applied directly to the skin for therapeutic relief. Formulated using naturally organic, farm industrial plants.  


Wrapping ideas

If you want to upgrade from basic wrapping, why not try for that store-bought gift basket look. 

You can use any small basket or open box, whatever you would like. Use tissue paper scrunched up to make the base of the gift. Place your Paradise gifts on top of the tissue paper and wrap with cling film, the ends of the cling film must be underneath, at the bottom of the gift. Then take a hair dryer, on the lowest setting, and slowly hold it over the gift box/basket. Hey presto, you have a beautiful, hand designed gift. The air from the hair dryer makes the cling film cling tightly over the items and container, resulting in a lovely presented prezzie.  



There you have it, a great assortment of CBD infused Christmas gift ideas to cap off this astounding year, 2018. 

xmas cbd

The whole team at Paradise CBD would like to wish you and yours a warm, happy, safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year