Using CBD On Your Skin (Topical CBD)


CBD skin products come in creams, ointments and lotions. They are not psychoactive and can be used to treat pain, inflamed skin, rashes, infections and complexion. CBD is a compound naturally found in hemp and cannabis extracts have been used to relieve pain, and treat skin conditions, in India and Latin America for hundreds of years. 

cbd balm

What are the topical uses of CBD Cream, lotion and ointment? 


CBD for skin applications has a wide possibility of uses: 

Joint pain  

Arthritis pain 

Joint swelling 

Muscle pain 

Inflammatory skin conditions 



Itchy Rashes 

Bacterial infections  

Neck and back pain 



Nerve pain 

Small cuts and scrapes 

Midge bites 



Fine lines and wrinkles 

Topical CBD seems to be one of the most versatile applications of this already flexible, and all – round, compound.  


How does CBD work on the skin? 

The endocannabinoid system plays an important role in the immunity of our skin. An improper immune response can result in inflammation, and this is why CBD is a beneficial anti-inflammatory for related skin conditions. 

CBD also contains an array of essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids, to encourage skin health. Vitamins A and D are responsible for skin repair. They support skin cell growth, wound healing and inhibit oil production to help keep skin soft and supple. Like CBD, Vitamins C and E are antioxidants and protect the skin’s collagen and elastin against damage from the sun and free radicals (UV rays, smoke and pollution). This also fights the effects of aging. B complex vitamins serve as part of the construction process for skin, hair and nails to prevent dermatitis, hair loss and other skin conditions. 

CBD topicals, the healing compound and other hemp derived nutrients, are almost immediately absorbed directly through your skin, allowing the area to be targeted quickly with a focused effect. It does not enter the blood stream. 


Are there side effects of using CBD on the skin?  

CBD is safe to apply liberally to the skin and is not likely to cause side effects.  


How should I use CBD on my skin? 

You can liberally apply CBD creams to any place you have pain or skin irritation. 


I have personally found applying CBD to my sore joints and muscles helps a great deal. My fibromyalgia caused havoc until I discovered the benefits of CBD. It is now the only supplement I use, as an oil, tea and cream. 


Written & Researched By Morna Blake